part man, part machine, all tiger.

one of the great things about life is being able to start over, no matter where you are in the process of living. part of my life started over on September 29, 2009 when my right hip was replaced with a birmingham hip. since then, i got back on with exercising and i am convinced that i am stronger than before

another part of my life started over on October 31, 2011, when i got out of a stressful job and started working at a job that is much less stressful for me. i still struggle with some anxiety and occasional depression. i want to just keep getting better, everyday.

in my spare time, i like riding my bicycle, fitness at the gym, & dachshunds.

sw = 185 lbs

ugw = to not only "look good for my age", but to "look good for any age"
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exercise 08242013

bike ride to the gym

3 x 10 row machine @ 130#

3 x 10 pec machine @ 125#

6 x 5 seated press machine @ 220#

2 x 20 incline sit ups w/ 35# plate

28 minutes on the elliptical

bike ride home

the gym kiosk girl (Chelsea) received Startburst & a prescription discount card & a 811 sticker

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